youtube cover

Varina's Arcanum Introduction

Video editing is something that's pretty new to me. I was surprised at how much work goes into putting together a few minutes of video. Here are a few lessons I learned.

F Stop Lounge Interview with Leigh Diprose

While we were in beautiful Australia, we sat down for an interview with Leigh Diprose of F Stop Lounge.

Blunty's Take on our Sydney Photo Walk

Our Photo Walk in Sydney was a whole lot of fun! We can't wait to get back to beautiful Australia! Thanks for making us feel so welcome!
The Flames

Shooting in Canyons at Midday

Midday light definitely isn’t ideal for most wide-angle photography. But here’s a situation where harsh light was exactly what we wanted.
FStop Loka

What's in your camera bag?

This is Varina’s camera bag from F-Stop gear. It’s pretty amazing how much stuff can fit into one of these bags if you make an effort!