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Varina's Arcanum Introduction

Video editing is something that's pretty new to me. I was surprised at how much work goes into putting together a few minutes of video. Here are a few lessons I learned.

A Critique with Arcanum Masters

This is a preview of what you can expect in your level 5 critique! Have you submitted your application to The Arcanum?
Anna Bay, Australia

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level?

In January, we traveled to beautiful Australia to create this in-depth course for photographers who want to learn to capture the beauty of nature.
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Did you get to see the Induro Film Premiere Event?

On January 22, 2014, Jay and I flew to New York to join the amazing team at Induro for a Live Premiere Event of the new short film: Through the Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel.
The Wind and the Mountain

Through the Canadian Wilderness

In August, Jay and I spent a few days in the Canadian Rockies with the crew from Shade Tree Films. You can watch the film here!
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Loch Eilt - Scotland, UK

Map: Loch Eilt, Scotland This little island in Loch Eilt…

40+ Tips For Getting More From Your Camera!

'The Photographer's Companion' is the hand of a pro on your shoulder, and the steady voice in your head when you are fumbling with your controls.

Incredible Deal of the Day at Digital Photography School!

Digital Photography School is offering a pretty awesome deal…
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The moors of Scotland were difficult to leave. We spent just three days in Scotland, and we did get one day of fantastic weather.
The Wind and the Mountain

Capture the Wind

Do you put your camera away when it gets windy? Or do you pull it out and let the wind paint a picture for you?