Interview with Chamira Young

We talk to Chamira Young about variety of business topics including knowing your target market, having a strong portfolio, and more.
February 2, 2015/by Varina Patel

Jay Patel on Digital Photo Mentor

In this interview I talk about my biggest photography failure and what I would have done differently if I had to do it all over again.
August 29, 2014/by Jay Patel

Varina and Jay on Digital Photo Experience with Rick Sammon

We had a great time talking with Rick Sammon on his Digital Photo Experience Podcast. It starts with a great interview with Peter Read Miller – who is a sports photographer with some great insights to pass on. Our talk with Rick starts right around 31:30. Be sure to check out our special offer for […]
April 2, 2014/by Varina Patel

The Phoblographer Interviews Varina and Jay

We talked to Chris Gampat from The Phoblographer about our passion for photography, how we got started, and some of our favorite locations.
March 3, 2014/by Varina Patel

Varina’s Arcanum Introduction

Video editing is something that's pretty new to me. I was surprised at how much work goes into putting together a few minutes of video. Here are a few lessons I learned.
February 24, 2014/by Varina Patel

A Critique with Arcanum Masters

This is a preview of what you can expect in your level 5 critique! Have you submitted your application to The Arcanum?
February 17, 2014/by Varina Patel

What goes into building a photography course?

Jay and I joined Brent Mail, & Johny Spencer on TWIP for a discussion about the work that went into creating The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course.
February 12, 2014/by Varina Patel

Did you get to see the Induro Film Premiere Event?

On January 22, 2014, Jay and I flew to New York to join the amazing team at Induro for a Live Premiere Event of the new short film: Through the Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel.
February 3, 2014/by Varina Patel

Through the Canadian Wilderness

In August, Jay and I spent a few days in the Canadian Rockies with the crew from Shade Tree Films. You can watch the film here!
January 31, 2014/by Varina Patel

F Stop Lounge Interview with Leigh Diprose

While we were in beautiful Australia, we sat down for an interview with Leigh Diprose of F Stop Lounge.
January 29, 2014/by Varina Patel

Varina and Jay on TWiP 331

We always have a great time talking with Frederick Van Johnson on This Week in Photo. Our latest conversation was no exception.
November 18, 2013/by Varina Patel

Light and Landscape Issue 2 Released!

In this issue, I share my process for creating a black and white photograph, and Jay and I share tips for developing your post production fine art workflow.
November 13, 2013/by Varina Patel


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