Cold Weather Photography Tips

With few simple steps you will find that taking photos in the great outdoors - regardless of the cold can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Turtles Encounter

While trying to photograph turtles in Hawaii, we literally bumped into a friendly honu (a green sea turtle) who was feeding at our feet in the shallow tide pool.

What Sells: Vertical or Horizontal

If you shoot in both orientations you’ll be ready no matter what your client is looking for.

Kevin McNeal: Photographing Dramatic Light

Here are some practical photography tips from award winning photographer Kevin McNeal on how to capture dramatic light.

Creating a Sense of Place

Jay uses a simple technique of shallow DOF combined with a carefully chosen subject to capture a sense of place.

Selling Your Fine Art Prints

In this short interview Paul Marcellini provided us with a wealth of information about how he goes about selling his fine art prints.

How a Circular Polarizer ruined my photos

Circular Polarizer seems pretty simple to use... just screw it onto your lens, and then rotate the outer ring until you get the effect you want. At least, that's what I thought...

The 3 Legged Thing Brian, a Great Travel Tripod

Tripods come in every size, but for somebody like Ugo Cei, who most often takes photos while traveling, a good, compact travel tripod is a must.

Photographing Birds in Action

Awesome photography tips by Gaurav Mittal that will help you capture some fantastic shots of birds in action.

How To Choose Your Next Lens

Here is an article that explains how to upgrade your lens based on your shooting style.