Do I have to shoot silhouettes at sunset?

The foreground of my sunset photos turns out completely black. What am I doing wrong?
April 16, 2014

Success in Landscape Photography

What does "Success" mean to you? Brent Talks about his recent successes in landscape photography and business.
April 14, 2014

VW5 – Photographing Wildlife with Laurie Rubin

Welcome to Visual Wilderness Episode #5. In this episode, we talk with Laurie Rubin about what it takes to capture the incredible wildlife photos in her portfolio!
April 11, 2014

How can I get sharp focus every time?

There are various reasons why you might have problems getting sharp focus in your photos. Here are some tips for solving the problem.
April 9, 2014

Lightroom: Resizing for the Web

This is a Lightroom quick tip video on how to export images for the web.
April 7, 2014

VW4 – Photo Adventures of Clint Burkinshaw

The incredible Clint Burkinshaw tells us about his impromptu wilderness wedding, photographing lava with the help of an armed militia... and more.
April 4, 2014

VW Monthly Roundup – March 2014

Here are the highlights of what happened in our awesome landscape photography community in March, 2014
April 2, 2014

Varina and Jay on Digital Photo Experience with Rick Sammon

We had a great time talking with Rick Sammon on his Digital Photo Experience Podcast. It starts with a great interview with Peter Read Miller – who is a sports photographer with some great insights to pass on. Our talk with Rick starts right around 31:30. Be sure to check out our special offer for […]
April 2, 2014

Lightroom: Importing Images

In this article Johny Spencer covers how to import images into Lightroom.
March 31, 2014

Photographing Motion

Photos may capture and ‘freeze’ a subject, but that doesn't mean they have to reflect a single moment in time.
March 26, 2014

VW3 – Shallow DOF

In this episode, we talk about Shallow Depth of Field, why we might choose a wide aperture, and our thoughts on some of our own shallow DOF photos.
March 24, 2014

Balancing Photography and Family

Lots of people ask me how I balance photography and family. It isn't easy. But it's hard to complain when you have such awesome kids - and a great job, too.
March 21, 2014
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