Blunty’s Take on our Sydney Photo Walk


Photo by Paul Gunther

Paul Gunther took this gorgeous shot for us during our Photo Walk in Sydney – we had a great talk about tripods. (Great talking to you, Paul!) It was really great to meet so many photographers in such a beautiful city… and we have never felt so welcome in any location. We can’t wait to go back!

Our trip to Australia was a huge success. The workshop was a whole lot of fun, and afterward, we spent 7 days filming a series of videos for our upcoming course release. We’re really excited about this latest venture… and we can’t wait to get the product out to you guys. The amazing Brent Mail is currently pulling everything together to create an awesome finished product. More on that another day.

Meanwhile, here’s a video from the great Nate Burr – aka Blunty – who joined us on our last evening in Australia for our Sydney Photo Walk. He and I discussed the importance of honesty and integrity when working with sponsors and writing reviews… and it was great to see that he’s every bit the nice guy he seems to be in his videos. Thanks so much, Nate – I really appreciate your kind words… and thanks to all those who came out to join us for a walk in the beautiful city of Sydney! A really big thank you to Mykal Hall who organized the Photo Walk. He did an amazing job!

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