Do you know how to use your Gear?

I routinely shoot the panorama of Montreal under different weather I confident that I was prepared.

Cold Weather Photography Tips

With few simple steps you will find that taking photos in the great outdoors - regardless of the cold can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Photographing during High Surf Advisories

High surfs can generate sizable waves and dramatic sea conditions, particularly if they crash against the cliff walls.

Changing Light

Changing light makes a location seem entirely different from one moment to the next.

The Hurricane that Wasn’t

As landscape photographers, we go to great lengths to find beautiful locations, amazing conditions, and great light... but we aren't always successful.

Tips for Photographing During Coastal Winter Storms

Before you head out to the coast to take photos during winter storms, there are a few safety conditions you should be aware of.

Why Not Challenge Yourself?

We often find that creativity is much harder to learn then technical skills. So the questions is - How do you learn creativity?

Would you hole up in a hotel room?

Sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate when we’re on location. During one visit to Zion National Park in Utah, heavy rain fell for three solid days. This is the weather that flash floods come from… and come they did. A narrow canyon that had been empty minutes before suddenly let loose a raging flood of current. We […]

What do you wear in cold weather and cold water?

What do you wear in cold or snowy weather when you know you’ll be spending part of the time standing in cold water?

What Happens When We Shoot Side-by-Side?

There's nothing better than having someone to travel with - especially if that person is also your best friend. It's always fascinating to compare our photos from a trip.