Searching for Macro Subjects

How do you find your macro subjects? This tiny waterfall was no less beautiful for not calling attention to itself.
Coloring Book

Havasu Falls, Arizona

The nearest road ends 11 miles from the village of Supai, so you have three options. You can hike, go on horseback, or take a helicopter.
Lanikai, Oahu - Hawai'i, USA

Liquid Sky

I took this shot of Lanikai beach from a high ridge that…
Kilauea Lava Flow, Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

The End of Days

This is a shot from the Big Island of Hawaii. Here, the lava flows in to the sea. I loved the chaos of this location.
Papa Bay, Miloli'i - Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

Creating a Splash

This was a fun afternoon.We were headed for the airport on…
Hakalau - Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

The Spider's Pearls: Tips for Shooting Tiny Things

This is a shot I took on the Big Island of Hawai'i. We were…
Hilina Pali, Big Island - Hawai

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

When I'm on location, I'm constantly aware of my surroundings.…
west_virginia_0091 copy

Hey, Dad... Is This Close Enough?

My dad used to tell me to "get in close" when I was taking…
Saltworks, Death Valley National Park, CA


This was probably one of the best sunset I have ever photographed…
Flowers in Columbia River Gorge - Oregon, USA.

Quick Tips: Leading the Eye with Focus and Blur

I took this pretty shot early on a rainy morning in a meadow.…