Erosion - Varina Patel

Landscape Photography: Maximizing Sales Potential

Over the past several years, we’ve learned to maximize the potential of landscape photographs. Here are a few tips for making sales.
Calm - Varina Patel

Nine Mile Pond - Everglades, Florida

Nine Mile Pond is located in Everglades National Park. There's a parking lot right off the main road, and access is easy.

Negative Space

I am a firm believer in the importance of Negative Space.…

Searching for Macro Subjects

How do you find your macro subjects? This tiny waterfall was no less beautiful for not calling attention to itself.
Baume les Messieurs - Jura, France

Baume les Messieurs - Jura, France

The tiny town of Baume les Messieurs is home to these beautiful cascading waterfalls. I recommend visiting this gorgeous spot in Spring.

Quick Black and White Conversion

When Varina Patel converts an image to B&W, she usually uses Nik Silver Efex Pro. Here's a video that shows how she converted this photo.
brent mail2

Brent Mail with Varina and Jay - Part 2

Varina and Jay Patel talk with Brent Mail about our differing photographic styles, finding great light on location, and so much more.
Coloring Book

Havasu Falls, Arizona

The nearest road ends 11 miles from the village of Supai, so you have three options. You can hike, go on horseback, or take a helicopter.
brent mail

Brent Mail with Varina and Jay - Part 1

Varina and Jay Patel talk with Brent Mail about starting out in photography, shooting RAW or JPG files, and shooting in some cool locations.


People ask me all the time about the challenges of my career choice... and there are many.