Do you know how to use your Gear?

I routinely shoot the panorama of Montreal under different weather I confident that I was prepared.

The 3 Legged Thing Brian, a Great Travel Tripod

Tripods come in every size, but for somebody like Ugo Cei, who most often takes photos while traveling, a good, compact travel tripod is a must.

Tips for Photographing During Coastal Winter Storms

Before you head out to the coast to take photos during winter storms, there are a few safety conditions you should be aware of.

Landscape Photography: Top Five Tips for Getting Started

Are you just getting started in Landscape Photography? Here are top 5 Tips for beginner Landscape Photographers.

Tripods and Creativity

What do you use a tripod for? To steady your camera, right? Not according to these talented and creative individuals.

Move Your Tripod For A Better Composition

What’s one of the differences between a snapshot and a great photograph? Composition. Don’t forget you can move your tripod once the camera is attached to find that perfect storytelling composition.

Hang on for sharp photos

On windy days you may also have to deal with a moving tripod which can certainly prevent sharp photos.

Shooting in the right direction

When dealing with light, there is an easy way to create incredible shots straight from the camera. This short video from Jay shows how a simple change in direction can create a much simpler shot.

Losing a grip on your photo gear

When you’re focused on getting that PERFECT shot, there may be consequences to your preoccupation.

A Leg Up on Macro Photography

Have you ever tried to compose a photo with a tiny subject through a macro lens? Here is how we do it.