VW12: Interview Jon Cornforth

Jon Cornforth joins the Visual Wilderness team to talk about his work and give some insights on how he goes about capturing his stunning images.

The End of the World, Patagonia

Take a journey to the end of the world, where landscapes are both violent and beautiful at the same time. Patagonia, a place truly out of this world.

Why Not Challenge Yourself?

We often find that creativity is much harder to learn then technical skills. So the questions is - How do you learn creativity?

Trekking Patagonia, Argentina

Things are different down there at the end of the world. The windswept landscapes of Patagonia is a scene of beauty, but challenge everyone's senses.

Gorilla Trekking, Uganda

Uganda is home to one of the most amazing experiences one could have. It s a place where you can get face to face with a 250kg Mountain Gorilla.

VW4 – Photo Adventures of Clint Burkinshaw

The incredible Clint Burkinshaw tells us about his impromptu wilderness wedding, photographing lava with the help of an armed militia... and more.

Would you hole up in a hotel room?

Sometimes, the weather doesn’t cooperate when we’re on location. During one visit to Zion National Park in Utah, heavy rain fell for three solid days. This is the weather that flash floods come from… and come they did. A narrow canyon that had been empty minutes before suddenly let loose a raging flood of current. We […]

Who's Afraid of a Big Bad Storm?

Check weather conditions before you leave, and keep an eye on the skies. Be aware of what's coming, and bring the right gear.

PhotoLive 2013: London

This weekend, Jay and I will be presenting at this year's Photo Live Event in London! Here's your discount code!

Hraunfossar, Iceland

Hraunfossar is located on the West side of Iceland, and can be easily access by a paved road. It is well worth the drive.