The Wind and the Mountain

Capture the Wind

Do you put your camera away when it gets windy? Or do you pull it out and let the wind paint a picture for you?
Twinsburg, Ohio (OH), USA

Pre-Focus to Photograph Insects

It would seem rather difficult to photograph insect, but knowing its behavior and how to setup your camera can make it easy.
Colorado, USA

High Key Black and White

High key black and white photography showcases patterns, contrast, and subtle tones rather than color.
Lifting Fog

The Waiting Game

Sometimes, landscape photography is as much about waiting as it is about getting the photograph itself.

Tilt Shift Lens: Overcoming Windy Conditions

Canon's 24mm tilt shift lens allowed us to get close to the flowers and still keep everything sharply in focus - even on a windy day.
Choosing a Dress - Varina Patel

Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn

Shooting in autumn is so much fun - I love the inevitable explosion of red and gold as the maples shift into their fall foliage.

Shooting on an Overcast Day

Being a photographer means being adaptable. You won't always get spectacular lighting - and some scenes look great on an over cast days.
Colorado, USA

Assignment: Blurring the Line

How many ways can you create blur in the photograph? Here are tips and ideas for using blur to create compelling images.

Negative Space

I am a firm believer in the importance of Negative Space.…

Searching for Macro Subjects

How do you find your macro subjects? This tiny waterfall was no less beautiful for not calling attention to itself.