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Loch Eilt - Scotland, UK

Map: Loch Eilt, Scotland This little island in Loch Eilt…
Heaven and Earth

Who's Afraid of a Big Bad Storm?

Check weather conditions before you leave, and keep an eye on the skies. Be aware of what's coming, and bring the right gear.
The Pearl and the Storm

Tell Me Your Storm Story!

These are some of my favorite stormy shots. I'd love to hear about your experiences shooting in nasty weather!
The Coming Storm

A Complicated Blend: The Coming Storm

Sometimes, I can finish post-production work in just a few…

Pearl in the Storm

Crazy weather makes the best photos. And fun memories too! ;) This…
Falling Water

Cold, Wet, and Windy...Tips for Miserable Nature Photographers

Are you willing to go out and shoot in wet conditions? We…