Are the Colors Real

Is it "Photoshopped"?

Have people told you your photos look “fake”, “too HDRish”, or that you used too much “photoshop magic”? – Here is how we answer them.
Flood on Fire - Varina Patel

RAW versus JPG

“My wife keeps telling me (she shoots jpeg) that my final images are not ‘real’ because they were ‘done’ in Photoshop.” – What do you think?
Sol Duc, Olympic National Park, Washington (WA), USA

RAW Image Processing: Basic Tab

When Jay opened this file in Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW, it did not look like this. short video to show how he processed this photo.
'Twixt Autumn and Winter - Varina Patel

Quick Tips: Color Processing

It is well known that colors can effect the mood of an image.…
Olympic National Park

The Finished Product

When we visited Olympic National Park in Washington in 2009,…