Colorado, USA

High Key Black and White

High key black and white photography showcases patterns, contrast, and subtle tones rather than color.

Negative Space

I am a firm believer in the importance of Negative Space.…
Bean Hollow

Critique Your Own Work

This is a shot from Bean Hollow State Park in California.…

Do you Think Before you Shoot?

I love aspens. Who doesn't? But if you've tried to photograph…
Cracked Eggs - Varina Patel

Simplifying a Cluttered Composition

  This beautiful place in Bisti Wilderness in New…
Touched with Light - Varina Patel

Which photo do you prefer?

I took this shot of my youngest son, Damian, a few years…
Flowers in Columbia River Gorge - Oregon, USA.

Quick Tips: Leading the Eye with Focus and Blur

I took this pretty shot early on a rainy morning in a meadow.…
The Log Bridge - Varina Patel

Leading the Eye

When I am planning a composition, I am constantly thinking about…
Touched with Light - Varina Patel

Quick Tips: Point of Interest

What is the most important element in your photograph? Can…