40+ Tips For Getting More From Your Camera!

'The Photographer's Companion' is the hand of a pro on your shoulder, and the steady voice in your head when you are fumbling with your controls.
Workflow Series Macro

The Workflow Series - Details and Macro

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Workflow Series Collection

The Workflow Series

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The Apprentice Series

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Photography eBooks: The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection

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Learning to See

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Canyon Land National Park, Utah (UT), USA

Photographing Bright or Dark Subjects

Have you ever photographed a subject that is either very dark…
St. Mary Falls, Glacier National Park, Montana (MT), USA

Why do you need Layers and Masks?

Why we need to understand Layers & Masks in Photoshop when we can easily blend images using HDR software? Here is our explanation.

Photographing Water Droplets

I love shooting water droplets. They are tiny and perfectly formed,…

Shooting Abstracts

Abstracts may lack a clear point of interest. They are often…