Lanai Kai, Oahu, Hawaii (HI), USA

How to Clean Your Tripod

After shooting in salt water and sand in Hawaii, our tripods were badly in need of cleaning. Here is how we clean our tripod.
Singing the Blues - Varina Patel

Filters and Fieldwork

This shot required very little special post-processing...…
Night Shot with Full Frame Camera

Full Frame or Crop Factor?

“Why do you need a full frame camera?” – Because Pros use it? Does it take better photos? Is it a better camera? Here is our take on it.

Review: Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit

The Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit includes a 24-inch Wimberly™…

Q and A: Does equipment really matter?

“I just bought the latest and greatest camera! Now I'll take much better pictures!” – Will a better camera make you a better photographer?