40+ Tips For Getting More From Your Camera!

'The Photographer's Companion' is the hand of a pro on your shoulder, and the steady voice in your head when you are fumbling with your controls.
Redwood National Forest, California, USA

Spring Bloom

Spring is coming, and the question is - Where should I go…
California, USA

Focus as a Creative Choice

While it may be technically feasible to get everything is sharply in focus it is always necessary? Or artistically pleasing?
Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii (HI), USA

Developing Creativity

In Photography is there anything such as bad light? Or just plain bad imagination. Lets explore what can we photograph in bad light.
Paria Townsite, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Utah (UT), USA

Utah Skies

In this photograph, the incredible geology of Grand Staircase…
The Second Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Geology Unleashed

Spectacular geology makes images like these seem effortless…
The Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Imperfections in Nature

I love to photograph Coyotte Buttes in Arizona, and I have…
Pony Tail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon (OR), USA

Composing with Intent

In photography courses composition is taught as a set of rules, but the topic goes far deeper than any collection of discreet rules.
Maroon Bells, Colorado (CO), USA

Using Foreground in your Photos

Landscape photographers know that you can’t always get what…
The Second Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Storm Surge

I took this shot in Arizona's Coyote Buttes just after a…