Hakalau - Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

Light Matters

This is a shot from Hawaii's big island. Pay attention to…
Hakalau - Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

The Spider's Pearls: Tips for Shooting Tiny Things

This is a shot I took on the Big Island of Hawai'i. We were…
Oahu, Hawaii (HI), USA

Review: Induro Tripod and Ballhead

Just a few weeks before we left the mainland for a trip to beautiful Hawaii …
Bahia Honda State Park - Florida, USA

TWiP: Varina and Jay Patel with Frederick Van Johnson

We had entirely too much fun talking with Frederick Van Johnson of TWiP. For those who didn’t get to join us live here is a recording.
The Tree - Varina Patel

Winter is Coming

When you're shooting, do you lose track of your physical self? Bryce…
Around the Bend - Varina Patel

Sandstone is Awesome

There's nothing quite like sandstone for making your jaw drop.…
west_virginia_0091 copy

Hey, Dad... Is This Close Enough?

My dad used to tell me to "get in close" when I was taking…
Independence Pass

Stay Warm and Dry this Winter!

  How do you stay warm and dry when you are shooting…

Snapseed is Smart - and Fun!

Yep. I’m a professional photographer. And I admit it – sometimes I shoot with my iPhone… and I use Snapseed to edit my photos.