Shooting for the Cover

How do you go about getting a cover-worthy photo? Here are a few quick tips for getting that great cover shot.

Photographing Rainbows with a Circular Polarizer

The traditional use for circular polarizer in photography…
Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii (HI), USA

Capturing Reflected Colors

When we talk about using reflections, the first thing that comes…
Pony Tail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon (OR), USA

Composing with Intent

In photography courses composition is taught as a set of rules, but the topic goes far deeper than any collection of discreet rules.
The Coming Storm

A Complicated Blend: The Coming Storm

Sometimes, I can finish post-production work in just a few…
Maroon Bells, Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado (CO), USA

Outdoor Photography - Being Flexible

We plan our landscape photography outings so that we maximize…
Crystal Creek, Colorado (CO), USA

Can a "Photoshopped" image match reality?

With the help of Photoshop, I am often able to create a photo that is much closer to reality than straight out of camera photos.
Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, WA

Mediocre Skills or Being Artistic?

We often here the explanation that it is an ‘Artistic photo” – Do photographers disguise their mediocre photography skills as “artistic”?
Tinkers Creek State Park, Ohio (OH), USA

How to Process a Moody Photograph

Conveying mood in a photograph requires a little extra care in your processing technique. We use Photoshop Layers & Mask to accomplish this.
Great Blue

Great Blue

For me, this shot is about light, color, and detail. The…