Photographing subjects underwater

Field work is a great place for out-of-the-box thinking especially when shooting something challenging like underwater subjects.

Pay Attention to Negative Space

Learn to focus on your subject and avoid the distractions caused by negative space.

Bouncing the Light for Macro Photography

In this short video, Varina Patel gives a quick tip about how she handles light on her subject using a simple reflector.

Riding the plane of focus

In this short video, Varina offers a bit of simple advice for making the most of a very narrow depth of field.

A Leg Up on Macro Photography

Have you ever tried to compose a photo with a tiny subject through a macro lens? Here is how we do it.

Capturing Details in Moving Subjects

Every time a wave came in, the foam would crash against the rocks – bursting in a strange, monochrome fireworks display that seemed surreal in its complexity.

Pre-Focus to Photograph Insects

It would seem rather difficult to photograph insect, but knowing its behavior and how to setup your camera can make it easy.

Aspen on Marble

I used focus stacking to get everything nice and sharp in this macro shot of an Aspen leaf from Marble, Colorado.

An Ode to Negative Space

I am a dreamer. An artist. A mother. A reader. A wanderer. And a lover of negative space.

Searching for Macro Subjects

How do you find your macro subjects? This tiny waterfall was no less beautiful for not calling attention to itself.