40+ Tips For Getting More From Your Camera!

'The Photographer's Companion' is the hand of a pro on your shoulder, and the steady voice in your head when you are fumbling with your controls.

Shooting on an Overcast Day

Being a photographer means being adaptable. You won't always get spectacular lighting - and some scenes look great on an over cast days.
brent mail2

Brent Mail with Varina and Jay - Part 2

Varina and Jay Patel talk with Brent Mail about our differing photographic styles, finding great light on location, and so much more.
Akaka Falls - Big Island - Hawaii, USA

Light and Layers

Akaka falls is located just North of Hilo on the Big Island…
Hakalau - Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

Light Matters

This is a shot from Hawaii's big island. Pay attention to…
new_mexico_6829 copy

Rock Garden

When you hike out to this place in De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area…

Bowtie Arch - A Lesson in Light and Composition

Jay and I visited Bowtie arch in Utah. Varina recorded this short video while we were there showing how to deal with extreme tonal range.
arizona_1038 copy

Bowtie Arch at Midday

How do you deal with harsh light? Do you pack up your camera…
The Flames

Shooting in Canyons at Midday

Midday light definitely isn’t ideal for most wide-angle photography. But here’s a situation where harsh light was exactly what we wanted.
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Post-production work can be just as important as field work…