4 Tips for Adding Depth to Your Photos

Joshua Cripps give 4 easy to follow photography tips to add depth to your images.

How To Choose Your Next Lens

Here is an article that explains how to upgrade your lens based on your shooting style.

Lens Comparison by Paul Marcellini

Paul Marcellini demonstrates how he uses different lens impacts negative space around the subject.

Pull it Together with a Long Lens

A long lens will make distant mountains seem more important - and a crop factor camera gives you a little something extra.

Keep your Camera Lens Clean

Varina offers some of advice for keeping your lenses clean and shiny.

From Ordinary to Dreamy

Why settle for ordinary photos when you n can convert them to to artistic dreamy photos with this simple trick?

Ten Feet and a World Apart

Varina & Jay show you how to create completely different photograph from the same location while standing 10 feet apart.

Shooting in the right direction

When dealing with light, there is an easy way to create incredible shots straight from the camera. This short video from Jay shows how a simple change in direction can create a much simpler shot.

Riding the plane of focus

In this short video, Varina offers a bit of simple advice for making the most of a very narrow depth of field.

Losing a grip on your photo gear

When you’re focused on getting that PERFECT shot, there may be consequences to your preoccupation.