Choosing a Dress - Varina Patel

Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn

Shooting in autumn is so much fun - I love the inevitable explosion of red and gold as the maples shift into their fall foliage.
Echoes of the Wave - Jay Patel

Echoes of the Wave

While I was photographing seals on a beach in Redwood Forest…
The Second Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Composing Photos with Leading Lines

Leading lines are an elegant elements of an effective photo composition. But finding leading lines in nature is not always easy… or is it?
The Log Bridge - Varina Patel

Leading the Eye

When I am planning a composition, I am constantly thinking about…
Point Lobos State Park - California, USA

Quick Tips: Leading Lines

I love using leading lines in my photos. They serve to lead the…