Bernardo, Eveling, and Genero off to School

The Giving Lens Travel Photography Hour with Varina and Jay Patel

Here is a recording of Google+ Hangout with The Giving Lens where we talked about travel photography and our adventures in Nicaragua.
Old Failthful Area, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA

Looking into your Soul

Here is one of the fantastic hot springs found in Yellowstone…
Havasu Falls, Havasu Canyon, Arizona (AZ), USA

At the Bottom

When we backpacked to Havasu Canyon the site that greeted…
Between a Rock & A Trillium

Featured Download: Between a Rock and a Trillium

Here is a photograph that I took in Olympic National Park…
Echoes of the Wave - Jay Patel

Echoes of the Wave

While I was photographing seals on a beach in Redwood Forest…

Varina and Jay at the NFRCC Annual Fall Seminar

This year, Jay and I will be teaching the NFRCC Fall Seminar…
Into the Light - Jay Patel

Into the Light

I love to shoot at Cannon Beach. I fact, I spent some time…
Interview Candid Frame

Candid Frame talks to Jay Patel

Ibarionex Perello at Candid Frame interviewed Jay about how he got started in photography, his creative process, and manual blending (iHDR).
Autmn Wanderings

Featured Download: Autumn Wanderings

Cuyahoga Valley is the only National Park located in the…