Transient Light, Glacier National Park, MT

Aha Daily Interview with Jay Patel

Have you ever taken the time to look back your older photographs and think about how you've improved? What was most helpful to you?
Erosion - Varina Patel

Landscape Photography: Maximizing Sales Potential

Over the past several years, we’ve learned to maximize the potential of landscape photographs. Here are a few tips for making sales.

Varina and Jay on This Week in Photo #307

Varina and Jay Patel discuss gear, post-processing workflows and more with Frederick Van Johnson and Topher Martini on This Week in Photo.
brent mail2

Brent Mail with Varina and Jay - Part 2

Varina and Jay Patel talk with Brent Mail about our differing photographic styles, finding great light on location, and so much more.
brent mail

Brent Mail with Varina and Jay - Part 1

Varina and Jay Patel talk with Brent Mail about starting out in photography, shooting RAW or JPG files, and shooting in some cool locations.
Photographic Styles

Fireside Chat: Developing An Artistic Style

Jay and I usually shoot together, but over time we've each…
Paige, Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Arizona (AZ), USA

The Portal

Here is an image from the Glen Canyon Recreational Area just…
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Camerapixo No.25

Camerapixo No.25 includes an interview with Jay and I - along…
Oahu, Hawaii (HI), USA

Review: Induro Tripod and Ballhead

Just a few weeks before we left the mainland for a trip to beautiful Hawaii …
Bahia Honda State Park - Florida, USA

TWiP: Varina and Jay Patel with Frederick Van Johnson

We had entirely too much fun talking with Frederick Van Johnson of TWiP. For those who didn’t get to join us live here is a recording.