Photographic Styles

Fireside Chat: Developing An Artistic Style

Jay and I usually shoot together, but over time we've each…
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Camerapixo No.25

Camerapixo No.25 includes an interview with Jay and I - along…
Bahia Honda State Park - Florida, USA

TWiP: Varina and Jay Patel with Frederick Van Johnson

We had entirely too much fun talking with Frederick Van Johnson of TWiP. For those who didn’t get to join us live here is a recording.
candid frame

Varina Patel on The Candid Frame

Ibarionex on Candid Frame is a fantastic interviewer – he is particularly good at coming up with insightful, unique and in-depth questions.
Interview Candid Frame

Candid Frame talks to Jay Patel

Ibarionex Perello at Candid Frame interviewed Jay about how he got started in photography, his creative process, and manual blending (iHDR).
VW team

Interview with the Visual Wilderness Team

The Visual Wilderness team was recently interviewed by Kruger…
Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Interview with Aperture Acadamey

This month, we are the featured Photographers of the Month…