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Did you get to see the Induro Film Premiere Event?

On January 22, 2014, Jay and I flew to New York to join the amazing team at Induro for a Live Premiere Event of the new short film: Through the Canadian Wilderness with Jay and Varina Patel.
Oahu, Hawaii (HI), USA

Through the Canadian Wilderness

In August, Jay and I spent a few days in the Canadian Rockies with the crew from Shade Tree Films. You can watch the film here!

Do you want to win a camera bag full of gear?

We'll be flying to New York for the big event, and we hope you'll join us for a three-part release!
Touched with Light - Varina Patel

Flower Portraits

Photographing flowers isn't easy. Getting close to the ground can be a challenge in itself... and wind and sunlight add complications too.
Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii (HI), USA

Playing with Shutter Speed

Have you tried playing with different shutter speeds to see…
Akaka Falls - Big Island - Hawaii, USA

Light and Layers

Akaka falls is located just North of Hilo on the Big Island…
Sandy Beach, Oahu - Hawai'i, USA

Shooting the Moon at Twilight

The moon is a gorgeous subject, but it can be tough to get…
Kilauea Lava Flow, Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

HOT! HOT! HOT! - Shooting Lava in Hawai'i

Jay and I visited the Big Island of Hawai'i  over the holiday…
Oahu, Hawaii (HI), USA

Review: Induro Tripod and Ballhead

Just a few weeks before we left the mainland for a trip to beautiful Hawaii …