VW8 – How to Calibrate a Monitor

In this episode, we talk about how we calibrate our monitors, and answer questions from the audience about matching prints to what you see on your monitors.

VW7 – The Importance of Critique

Visual Wilderness episode 7 is all about Critique. Learning to give a good critique will help you grow as a photographer - even as you are helping others get better too!

VW6 – Shallow DOF Critique

Welcome to Visual Wilderness Episode #6. In this episode, we critique the March 2014 Assignment: Shallow DOF.

VW5 – Photographing Wildlife with Laurie Rubin

Welcome to Visual Wilderness Episode #5. In this episode, we talk with Laurie Rubin about what it takes to capture the incredible wildlife photos in her portfolio!

VW2 – Simple Manual Blending

We welcome Leigh Diprose from FujiFilm Australia and show you how to blend two XE-2 images to create a finished, natural-looking photograph.

A Critique with Arcanum Masters

This is a preview of what you can expect in your level 5 critique! Have you submitted your application to The Arcanum?

The Giving Lens Travel Photography Hour with Varina and Jay Patel

Here is a recording of Google+ Hangout with The Giving Lens where we talked about travel photography and our adventures in Nicaragua.