Do You Need Photo Education or Training?

Photo training and photo education have the same objectives, however, you need to practice to sharpen your skills.

How can I get sharp focus every time?

There are various reasons why you might have problems getting sharp focus in your photos. Here are some tips for solving the problem.

High Key Black and White

High key black and white photography showcases patterns, contrast, and subtle tones rather than color.

Focus as a Creative Choice

While it may be technically feasible to get everything is sharply in focus it is always necessary? Or artistically pleasing?

Pay Attention to ME!

Tips for making a single element stand out in your photographs.…

Echoes of the Wave

While I was photographing seals on a beach in Redwood Forest…

Leading the Eye

When I am planning a composition, I am constantly thinking about…

Moment in Time

Photography is all about capturing a moment in time. Sometimes,…