How a Circular Polarizer ruined my photos

Circular Polarizer seems pretty simple to use... just screw it onto your lens, and then rotate the outer ring until you get the effect you want. At least, that's what I thought...

Sea Lions at Cannibal Bay

While filming our course in New Zealand, we unexpectedly ran in to this good-looking sea lion & he was a perfect model

Leading Lines with Man made objects

Jay offers a few words of advice on using leading lines in your photos.

Lens Comparison by Paul Marcellini

Paul Marcellini demonstrates how he uses different lens impacts negative space around the subject.

Pay Attention to Negative Space

Learn to focus on your subject and avoid the distractions caused by negative space.

Photographing during High Surf Advisories

High surfs can generate sizable waves and dramatic sea conditions, particularly if they crash against the cliff walls.

Bouncing the Light for Macro Photography

In this short video, Varina Patel gives a quick tip about how she handles light on her subject using a simple reflector.

Pull it Together with a Long Lens

A long lens will make distant mountains seem more important - and a crop factor camera gives you a little something extra.

Changing Light

Changing light makes a location seem entirely different from one moment to the next.

Keep your Camera Dry

Varina shows how she keeps her camera dry when she is shooting in the rain.