With and Without a Circular Polarizer

Here are few real world samples where a circular polarizer helped us capture photos with vibrant colors and superb details.

When Not to use a Circular Polarizer

There are times when it is best to remove the circular polarizer before taking a shot...Here is one of those times.

Put a Spin on your Colors

Circular polarizer filters are a great tool for reducing glare and bringing out rich colors on wet surfaces.

Getting Ready to Shoot Autumn

Shooting in autumn is so much fun - I love the inevitable explosion of red and gold as the maples shift into their fall foliage.

Majestic Iceland

Traveling to Vik in Iceland is always a pleasure. On our first trip, wind, rain, and fog made photography difficult - and so beautiful.

Havasu Falls - The Swimming Pool

The pool at the bottom of Havasu Falls in Arizona looks more refreshing than your average swimming pool.

Photographing Rainbows with a Circular Polarizer

The traditional use for circular polarizer in photography…

Cloud Forest

This week, we are in beautiful Nicaragua! This lush green…

Mirror, Mirror

If you are willing to cross Calf Creek at the end of the…

Lower Grinnell Lake

I love Grinnell Glacier Trail. The hike is about 12 miles,…