Landscape Photography: Top Five Tips for Getting Started

Are you just getting started in Landscape Photography? Here are top 5 Tips for beginner Landscape Photographers.

Hang on for sharp photos

On windy days you may also have to deal with a moving tripod which can certainly prevent sharp photos.

What’s in Jay’s Camera Bag?

People often ask us what we carry in our camera bags. Here, Jay explains what he carries when he's out in the field.

What’s in Varina’s Camera Bag?

So - what does a professional photographer carry in her camera bag? Varina explains what she carries - and why!

What's in your camera bag?

This is Varina’s camera bag from F-Stop gear. It’s pretty amazing how much stuff can fit into one of these bags if you make an effort!

Review: Guru from F-Stop

F-Stop Gear recently introduced the Guru day pack. They sent…

Camera Bags: High and Dry

Our camera bag’s rear access allows us to get to our equipment without putting the bag down on the ground or removing the rain cover.