What Sells: BIG Canvas Prints

Would you be surprised if I told you that giclée canvas prints are some of our biggest sellers?

Three Lies about $ocial Media

This article looks at three lies that you must be aware of to be successful when using social media to grow your photography business.

What Sells: Collections

When you present your images for sale, consider using gallery features that allow you to group your images into categories based upon similarities.

Stay on Track! (But don’t be afraid to jump tracks.)

If you can identify your goals, it's easier to move toward them.

Know your Target Audience

Start by taking a look at what you're selling - and then think about who is most likely to buy it.

Know When it’s Time to Delegate

Maybe when you first get started in business, you can handle everything... but when things get overwhelming, it's time to delegate.

Identify your strengths… and your weaknesses.

Most of us start a business because we're good at something - but it's just as important to be aware of your weaknesses.

Success in Landscape Photography

What does "Success" mean to you? Brent Talks about his recent successes in landscape photography and business.

What goes into building a photography course?

Jay and I joined Brent Mail, & Johny Spencer on TWIP for a discussion about the work that went into creating The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course.

Selling From the Heart

As photographers we all have our favorite fine art prints displaying our own unique artistic styles but do they always sell?