10 Things To Do Before You Begin Your Photography Business

Are you ready to start your own Photography business? Here is some great advise by Patricia Davidson.

What Sells: Vertical or Horizontal

If you shoot in both orientations you’ll be ready no matter what your client is looking for.

Selling Your Fine Art Prints

In this short interview Paul Marcellini provided us with a wealth of information about how he goes about selling his fine art prints.

Photography Business – One Year Later

When you start out on a new path, you don’t know if you’ll be successful so it is a nice surprise when things do work better than expected.

Do You Need Photo Education or Training?

Photo training and photo education have the same objectives, however, you need to practice to sharpen your skills.

Marketing 101: Value your Work

There s a lot to be gained by valuing your work enough to not give it away for FREE.

6 Tips for Building a Solid Customer Base

We share some tips to help you build your business and a solid customer base.

What Sells: Fine Art Wall Calendar

Self-publishing photographic calendars can be a very lucrative business for landscape photographers.

Chasing Dreams: What are you waiting for?

It was exactly one year ago that I decided to stop working for corporate masters and to go chase my dreams. Here is a summary of our first year on this adventure.

What Sells: Local Images

The client passed on all the popular shots from Jay's gallery. Instead, she chose the quieter image... one that he had never sold before.