Without Post-processing Wizardry

If you spend time on Social Media It’s easy to believe that you have to be a wizard at post-processing to capture a great shot.

Macro Photography on Ice

Macro shots are a heck of a lot easier with the help of a tripod and a good ball head.

Ten Feet and a World Apart

Varina & Jay show you how to create completely different photograph from the same location while standing 10 feet apart.

Tips for Teaching Photography to Beginners

A few useful tips for teaching beginners the basics of photography.

Hang on for sharp photos

On windy days you may also have to deal with a moving tripod which can certainly prevent sharp photos.

Shooting in the right direction

When dealing with light, there is an easy way to create incredible shots straight from the camera. This short video from Jay shows how a simple change in direction can create a much simpler shot.

Stay on Track! (But don’t be afraid to jump tracks.)

If you can identify your goals, it's easier to move toward them.

Capturing changing conditons

Our visual world changes right before our eyes, providing us with an abundance of different shots.

Riding the plane of focus

In this short video, Varina offers a bit of simple advice for making the most of a very narrow depth of field.

Lightroom – Must Know Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to improve your Lightroom Workflow? Here are some of the most useful Lightroom keyboard shortcuts.