Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Amazing Geology

We found these colorful formations on an Arizona hillside near the road - but to get to them, we had to walk past some bewildered cows.

Shooting for the Cover

How do you go about getting a cover-worthy photo? Here are a few quick tips for getting that great cover shot.
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (AZ), USA

South Rim Overlook, Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited parks in the United States. Most visitors see the park from overlooks along the South Rim.
Havasu Falls, Havasu Canyon, Arizona (AZ), USA

Havasu Falls - The Swimming Pool

The pool at the bottom of Havasu Falls in Arizona looks more refreshing than your average swimming pool.
Coloring Book

Havasu Falls, Arizona

The nearest road ends 11 miles from the village of Supai, so you have three options. You can hike, go on horseback, or take a helicopter.
Paige, Glen Canyon Recreational Area, Arizona (AZ), USA

The Portal

Here is an image from the Glen Canyon Recreational Area just…
The Second Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Geology Unleashed

Spectacular geology makes images like these seem effortless…
The Wave, Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona (AZ), USA

Imperfections in Nature

I love to photograph Coyotte Buttes in Arizona, and I have…
The Wave, Coyote Buttes - Arizona, USA

Featured Download: Storm at "Sea"

This is a photo of The Second Wave in Arizona. I took the shot…
Around the Bend - Varina Patel

Sandstone is Awesome

There's nothing quite like sandstone for making your jaw drop.…