Playing with DOF

Your choice in Depth of Field depends on the objective of your photograph.

How can I get sharp focus every time?

There are various reasons why you might have problems getting sharp focus in your photos. Here are some tips for solving the problem.

VW3 – Shallow DOF

In this episode, we talk about Shallow Depth of Field, why we might choose a wide aperture, and our thoughts on some of our own shallow DOF photos.
Namaskard, Iceland

Using a Tilt Shift Lens

Did you know you can use a Tilt Shift Lens to get everything in perfect focus... even with a wide aperture setting?

How Can I Simplify an Image?

Simplifying an photo can be difficult, but it starts with choosing a simple subject. Here are some easy to follow tips from Varina Patel.
ohio2013_1598 copy

Goodbye to Winter

I stood by the window a few weeks ago, watching new snow…

You'll have to get the Black Belt on your own.

As many of you know, my oldest son received his black belt…
west_virginia_0091 copy

Hey, Dad... Is This Close Enough?

My dad used to tell me to "get in close" when I was taking…
Tom McCall Wilderness Area, Columbia River Gorge - Oregon, USA.

Aperture and Depth of Field - A Simple Comparison

When I teach photography to beginners, I try to use clear visual…
Tom McCall Wilderness Area, Columbia River Gorge - Oregon, USA.

Sleepy Beauties

We spent the first seven days of July in Nicaragua with Empowerment…