Playing with DOF

Your choice in Depth of Field depends on the objective of your photograph.

How can I get sharp focus every time?

There are various reasons why you might have problems getting sharp focus in your photos. Here are some tips for solving the problem.

VW3 – Shallow DOF

In this episode, we talk about Shallow Depth of Field, why we might choose a wide aperture, and our thoughts on some of our own shallow DOF photos.

Using a Tilt Shift Lens

Did you know you can use a Tilt Shift Lens to get everything in perfect focus... even with a wide aperture setting?

How Can I Simplify an Image?

Simplifying an photo can be difficult, but it starts with choosing a simple subject. Here are some easy to follow tips from Varina Patel.

Goodbye to Winter

I stood by the window a few weeks ago, watching new snow…

You'll have to get the Black Belt on your own.

As many of you know, my oldest son received his black belt…

Hey, Dad... Is This Close Enough?

My dad used to tell me to "get in close" when I was taking…

Aperture and Depth of Field - A Simple Comparison

When I teach photography to beginners, I try to use clear visual…

Sleepy Beauties

We spent the first seven days of July in Nicaragua with Empowerment…