Summer Photography with the Kids

Need a fun, summer activity for your kids? Put a camera in their hands and see what they do with it!

Each of our kids has their own small camera. Six kids, six cameras… and six Gorillapods from Joby. We spent a few hours in the park seeing what they’d do with them. Their instructions? Get creative, and have fun. :)

And boy did they come through! Anna and Ellena used their Gorillapods to steady their cameras on a small tree for a portrait session. They set their automatic timers, put their arms around each other, and grinned like the imps they are.

Nick climbed high to take a few shots, and then used the flexible legs on this gorilla pod to prop the camera – nice and steady – between two saplings.

Anna hung her camera upside down from a branch, and then went low for some detail shots.

The lightweight flexibility of the Gorillapods makes them perfect companions for kids. They attach easily to the camera, and they are easy to remove. We like to leave the small locking-clip screwed into the bottom of the camera, rather than unscrewing it completely. That way, the kids can snap their miniature tripods on and off easily. There’s even a tiny lock mechanism that keeps the Gorillapod securely in place, so it doesn’t fall off in the woods somewhere.

The gorillapods are sturdy too. The kids aren’t always gentle with their gear, so that’s essential. Nobody has managed to break one yet – but not for lack of trying. ;) They’ve been twisted and contorted every which way… but that’s exactly what they are made to do.

I should point out that this little tripods aren’t just for kids. My grandmother has one. She travels extensively, and she carries the little Gorillapod with her. She uses it when she wants a photo of herself with her travel-buddies. It’s easy to set up on a table or a railing, and she can set the timer and then jump into the photograph. And when low light or shaky hands leave her photos blurry, she wraps the legs of the Gorillapod around a railing or a lamp post, and gets the shot she wants – no blur, no problem. I use a little one to hold a flash unit when I need a little extra light… and I have a larger one too… more on that next week! ;)

They’re small enough to fit in your pocket or your carry-on bag. They’re welcome in places that shun bulky tripods. They’re flexible enough to use just about anywhere. And best of all… they’re fun! In the end, that’s what it’s all about, right?

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