Camera Bags: A Cool Idea from Fstop.


I’ve talked before about the internal camera unit (ICU) that I use with my fstop bag. But not too long ago, the guys at fstop asked me to check out a slightly different ICU designed to save space in your camera bag. Take a look at the profile shot above. The Slope ICU has a tapered design that lets me pack all my gear neatly… and doesn’t waste any space at all in my Loka backpack. I wasn’t so sure about the idea at first, but I’ve grown to love it.


My large Slope Series ICU fits all my gear comfortably. You can see that I have two camera bodies packed into the taller end of the ICU. They are protected by higher sides. Each camera has a lens attached, and I also have two more lenses in there. My filters, filter holder, lens cloths, batteries, and remote release are packed in as well. The whole shebang fits into my Loka, which has lots of extra room for extra gear – jackets, hats, gloves, snacks… even my laptop. The nice thing is that the sloped ICU takes up absolutely no more space than necessary. The saved space means I can fit an extra jacket, waterproof or fleece pants, or whatever other extras I want to bring along.

Anyway – that’s one of the things I love about fstop. Just the fact that they are always looking for ways to make existing products even better. It’s a cool idea – and definitely worth a look if you’re one of those photographers who is always trying to stuff just one more thing into your bag. :)

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