Punch Bowl Falls, Oregon

Map: Punch Bowl Falls, Eagle Creek, Oregon

Punch Bowl Falls is located on Eagle Creek in Columbia River Gorge. We hiked two miles along a well-maintained trail to get to this spot. While the hike is relatively easy, it does pass through some areas that get very slippery when wet.

To photograph this falls from below, you’ll need to wade into the water. The flow of the river is very strong and the rocks are slippery – so please be careful out there! We use neoprene water shoes to keep our feet warm in cold water. You can also see the falls from above – it’s beautiful from up there, too.

For more information about Eagle Creek Trail head check out the US Forest Service Website.

I chose a vertical composition to create greater depth in the photograph. I waited until the bubbles in the water were close to my camera before releasing the shutter. I decided to use bracketed exposures – I chose a longer shutter speed for those long streaks in the foreground, and then took a second shorter exposure to get the details I wanted in the waterfall itself. I used our iHDR workflow to blend the two exposures for this finished image.

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