Nine Mile Pond – Everglades, Florida

Calm - Varina Patel

Map: Nine Mile Pond – Everglades National Park, Florida

Nine Mile Pond is located in Everglades National Park. Access is easy. There’s a parking lot right off the main road, and you can park right near the pond.

This is a great spot for shooting the sunrise. Watch out for alligators, snakes, and mosquitoes. I highly recommend bringing along some bug spray. You’ll be glad you did.

For more information, visit the Everglades National Park website. You can view the park map at the NPS site as well.

I needed a tripod and two filters to get this shot. The tripod kept my camera steady for a long exposure. I used a graduated neutral density filter to reduce the brightness of the sky so that I could capture the entire scene with a single exposure despite the broad dynamic range. I added a neutral density filter to reduce the brightness of the entire scene even further – so that I could use a really long shutter speed. 25 seconds (at f/8) gave me a perfectly smooth surface of the lake – despite the choppy waters that morning. That long exposure let me simplify the image and capture the swirling colors on the surface of the lake.

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