Havasu Falls, Arizona

Coloring Book

Map: Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls is incredible. The waterfall and its turquoise pool are highlighted against a backdrop of rich orange sandstone. On this particular evening, the sunset painted the sky in shades of pink, purple, and blue. The colors feel as thought they could have been chosen from a box of crayons by a child who didn’t care about the “real” color of things… so I titled this one “Coloring Book”. But it isn’t imaginary. It’s quite real. And truly beautiful.

Getting here is tough. You won’t be driving to the campgrounds. The nearest road ends 11 miles from the village of Supai, so you have three options. You can hike, go on horseback, or take a helicopter. We carried our packs down into the canyon via a series of rough switchbacks. It’s a difficult path, but once you reach the bottom, you can follow the canyon towards the village. You’ll need a permit to camp here, and you can get all the information you need at: http://www.havasupaifalls.net/

We stayed for three nights before packing up and heading back home. Keep in mind that you’ll be making that final climb after a long hike, so be sure to bring enough water and conserve your energy for the final push. The website offers this advice…

“The hike is a moderate difficulty hike, 11 miles from Hilltop to Campground. Temperatures in the summer can exceed 110 degrees, and there is no water available on the trail until you reach Supai at about 8.5 miles. Know what your body can handle, and pack accordingly.”

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