Bisti Wilderness, New Mexico

Cracked Eggs - Varina Patel

Map: Cracked Eggs, Bisit Wilderness, New Mexico

Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area is one of the most bizarre and beautiful locations I’ve visited. The area is huge – more than 40-thousand acres. Access can be difficult or impossible in bad weather. The landscape changes from one place to the next in here. You’ll find a ridiculous collection of formations formed by erosion – from hoodoos to flat flood plains. The badlands are scattered with sandstone and shale and mud and silt… and such a variety of colors and patterns that you will hardly know where to begin. It’s a fantastic compositional challenge.

Bring along a good pair of hiking boots, lots of water, a hat to keep off the sun, a good map, and a GPS or compass. It’s easy to get lost in a place like this… so be smart about it and plan your trip.

We explored this spot earlier in the day and then returned to photograph these cool formations at sunset. I simplified the composition as much as possible by choosing a single stone as a foreground element and choosing an angle that allowed me to line up the rocks in a curve that pointed towards the distant sky.

You can find more information at the Bureau of Land Management Website:

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