Baume les Messieurs – Jura, France

Baume les Messieurs - Varina Patel

Map: Baume les Messieurs – Jura, France

The tiny town of Baume les Messieurs is home to these beautiful cascading waterfalls. The village is located near Lons-le-Saunier in Jura, France, and is home to the incredible Abbey Saint-Pierre as well. I recommend visiting this gorgeous spot in Spring, before the greenery is trampled by summer visitors. Go after a rainstorm, and the flow will be much higher than it was when I took this shot. Be sure the climb the trail behind the falls and check out the caves and the lovely cascades above.

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I chose to visit this spot on an overcast day so that I could avoid blown highlights in the water. I used a tripod to keep my camera steady for a 0.6 second exposure. I used a wide-angle lens so that I could include the greenery in the foreground.

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