Apoyo Lagoon, Nicaragua

Lake Apoyo, Catarina, Nicaragua

Map: Apoyo Lagoon Overlook, Catarina, Nicaragua

Apoyo Lagoon is a giant lake located in an extinct volcano and surrounded by tropical forest. These forests are home to sloths, howler monkeys, and so many other beautiful species. One of the best places to view this crater is from an overlook in the town of Catarina.

I didn’t use a Graduated Neutral Density Filter to help reduce the dynamic range for this shot. Why not? See those flowers that stand above the line of the horizon? A GND filter would gave darkened the tops of those flowers. I could have simplified my post-production workflow by making sure that the flowers don’t break the horizon line – but I wanted to show the flowers pointing towards the sunrise. Besides, where’s the challenge in an easy shot?

In the end, I bracketed three shots and blended them in Photoshop using our iHDR manual blending workflow.

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