Photography Equipment Reviews

Fuji X-E2 Review

Varina reviews Fuji’s mirrorless X-E2 digital camera. Here's what she thinks about the camera itself - as well as some of her favorite X-E2 features.
March 7, 2014/by Varina Patel

Camera Bags: A Cool Idea from Fstop.

The Slope ICU has a tapered design that lets me pack all my gear neatly, and doesn't waste any space at all in my Loka backpack from fstop.
October 2, 2013/by Varina Patel

Have You Met My Ando Bag?

I carry my Ando when I don't need my backpack - but I need more gear than a smaller bag can handle.
September 23, 2013/by Varina Patel

Review: Induro Tripod and Ballhead

Just a few weeks before we left the mainland for a trip to beautiful Hawaii …
January 24, 2013/by Varina Patel

Snapseed is Smart – and Fun!

Yep. I’m a professional photographer. And I admit it – sometimes I shoot with my iPhone… and I use Snapseed to edit my photos.
November 8, 2012/by Varina Patel

Gorillapods for Pros? Awesome!

Joby Gorillapods can easily accommodate our needs. They had no trouble holding our Canon 5D Mk III with a 70-200mm lens attached steady!!
July 12, 2012/by Varina Patel

Summer Photography with the Kids

Need a fun, summer activity for your kids? Put a camera and Joby Gorillapod in their hands and see what they do with it!
July 5, 2012/by Varina Patel

Review: Canon 24mm TS-E F3.5L II

Besides improvement in sharpness, Canon 24mm TS-E II lens lets the tilt and shift axis to rotate independently of one another.
November 21, 2011/by Jay Patel

Review: 90mm F2.8 TS-E lens

Canon 90mm TS-E lens is a compact and light-weight lens that comes with an integrated lens hood....and it is a very sharp lens.
November 17, 2011/by Jay Patel

Review: Canon Telephoto EF 300mm f/4.0L IS Lens

Jay and I wanted to be able to photograph the wildlife in Glacier…
September 22, 2011/by Varina Patel

Review: Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit

The Mike Moats Macro Light Control Kit includes a 24-inch Wimberly™…
August 29, 2011/by Jay Patel

Review: Black Rapid RS4 Strap

I was skeptical about Black Rapid SR4. I said I’d try it out, and write up a review if I liked it. Well – I was wrong… this thing is great!
August 1, 2011/by Jay Patel


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