Rainbow in Yellowstone

I took this shot in Yellowstone National Park near the end of a trip with out kids. Storms had been moving through the region all afternoon and evening, and we saw four or five rainbows in different locations as we drove along. As the sun neared the horizon, we pulled over and parked the car near a beautiful meadow. The kids listened to music in the car, while Jay and I took a few shots. We were rather glad that the sky didn’t do this every evening – with the kids along, we wouldn’t have been able to shoot regularly. :)

I shot with a GND filter. The GND let me capture the detail in both the shadows on the ground and the highlights in the sky. I nearly always use a GND filter to shoot sunrise and sunset. The dynamic range is simply to broad to be captured otherwise.

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  1. Sathya
    Sathya says:

    It is definitely not the typical Yellowstone shot. If u have not indicated I would have never guessed the location. Love the details in the foreground and reflections.

    p.s: like this comment (wordpress) system much better than the earlier one with no link backs :D


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