Winter is Coming

When you’re shooting, do you lose track of your physical self?

Bryce Canyon National Park is gorgeous at any time of year – but there’s nothing quite like shooting there after a heavy snowfall. We made the first tracks through the snow that morning – and our fingers were freezing. But you won’t hear me complaining! Once I had my camera in my hands, I forgot about the cold. I guess that’s why I love photography. When I’m on location, everything else disappears from my mind. I am completely absorbed in what I’m doing. I’m searching for the composition, planning my shot, visualizing my finished image… and I don’t notice the cold or the heat. I don’t worry about the pile of work that needs to get done, or even getting the next shot. I’m in my element.

Do you feel that way when you have a camera in your hand? Is it a part of your being?

Check it out!  This photo is on PhotoExtract for November 6, 2012 along with some really beautiful work from other photographers!

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    • Varina Patel
      Varina Patel says:

      Snow shoes and traction devices for boots are highly recommended for this area in Winter, Tushit. Be careful out there! Dress warmly and make sure someone knows where you’ll be and when to expect your return.

  1. Fraucha John Richardson
    Fraucha John Richardson says:

    The camera belongs in my hand, as I often just carry it (though if I had 1/2 a brain I would at least attach a hand strap to the L-bracket.

    But when the winter comes here to Ukraine it hits like a sledge hammer and I carry it a little (ok a lot) less due to the poor hiking conditions on even a flat street. When the weather settles down to a normal howling freezing pattern I get up and go out. But I fear there are days here that even I feel sorry for Napoleon and Army Groupe South. True though, when I raise that camera to my eye or set down the tripod the cold goes away.


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