Colorado, USA


Sometimes, when Jay and I shoot together, one of us has to wait while the other takes a shot. If I’m the one waiting, that probably means I’ve explored the area thoroughly and captured the images I want. I’m read to move on, but I’m always willing to wait – because I know Jay will happily wait for me if I’m the last one shooting. Sometimes, I’ll find myself a comfortable spot where I can sit down and meditate or just quietly enjoy the scenery. Sometimes, I’ll use the time to think about how I can use the photos I’ve taken to illustrate blog posts, articles, and eBooks… or to teach a concept in an upcoming workshop. And sometimes, I’ll pull out my camera and just have fun with it.

I took this shot while waiting for Jay to finish shooting in the woods in Colorado. The autumn colors were beyond gorgeous that day, and the woods felt like something out of a painting. So, I decided to create an abstract shot by moving my camera while the shutter was open. I chose a 1/4 second exposure and tilted my camera in a slow downward motion as I released the shutter. It doesn’t take much to create a shot like this. Experiment with camera settings and motion for a unique, abstract look.

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